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Xbox Games Store: Services and Drawbacks !

Xbox Games Store is a digital distribution platform used by Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles. The service allows users to purchase or download video games, game demos, add-ons for existing games,  dashboard themes, along with other miscellaneous content such as gamer pictures and. Early the service offered sections for downloading video content, such as television episodes and films, but in late 2012, the service was suspended by Xbox Video and Xbox Music. Xbox Store was replaced on Xbox One in late 2017 by Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices as the standard digital storefront.

Services Xbox Games Store –

Xbox Live Arcade – In this branding encompasses digital-only games that can be purchased from the Xbox Games Store on the Xbox 360, including new original titles and ports of classic games. 

Games on Demand – This section of the Xbox Games Store allows users to purchase downloadable versions of Xbox 360 titles, along with games released for the original Xbox. 

Xbox Live Indie Games – Microsoft launched Xbox Live Community Games as part of the New Xbox Experience update found on November 19, 2008. This was later renamed to Xbox Live Indie Games and a service similar to Xbox Live Arcade with smaller and less expensive games created by independent developers and small studios.

Drawbacks of Xbox Games Store –

  • Per Marketplace design, the digital right management license for downloaded content is tied to both a specific console and a particular user. To access the content, the user either needs to play on the original console the content was purchased or be signed on to Xbox Live using their Gamertag. Without being connected to Xbox Live, users with replacement consoles cannot use previously downloaded content. 
  • Price consistency and whether some content should be available free of charge have also led to criticism. 
  • Microsoft increased the security on the regional content restrictions after the Spring 2007 dashboard update, which made obtaining entertainment content for international markets impossible.
  • Even some free content, such as downloadable extras for retail games, is impossible to obtain in certain regions in the US market. 


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