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The Lord of the Rings a brief overview!

  The film series The Lord of the Rings is three epic fantasy adventure films. The film is directed by Peter Jackson and based on the novel written by J. R R. Tolkien. The films are subtitled The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Two...

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Who is Travis Fimmel? How much is his Net Worth?

Via his high-profile Calvin Klein campaign and as an actor and a model, Travis Fimmel built his heritage. He was renowned among the crowd and was a fan of a movie entitled Warcraft and his character Ragnar Lothbrok, in the history channel Viking, for being co-starred to the late Patrick...

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Chris is senior mobile editor and moonlights as a professional moment ruiner. His early years were spent taking apart Sega consoles and writing awful fan fiction. That passion for electronics and words would eventually lead him to covering startups of all stripes. The first phone he ever swooned over was the Nokia 7610, because man, those curves.

Chris is associate editor focusing on in-depth stories about the cultural and societal impacts of technology. Raised in the UK and Hong Kong, he has worked for the Columbia Journalism Review, Reuters, and the South China Morning Post.

Kris is a game freak and handles gaming news with an iron fist. She's also written stuff for Anime Insider and Anime News Network, as well as a lengthy stint editing Pokémon things for The Pokémon Company. She still plays the games and seriously can't believe there are 807 Pokémon now.

Nick Summers is a senior reporter, editor and photographer. He studied multimedia journalism at Bournemouth University and holds an NCTJ certificate. Nick previously worked at The Next Web and FE Week, an education-focused newspaper in the US.