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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4: Sohel becomes captain for 6th week by will BB Hotel Task

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Sohel Captain 6th week

It’s time to announce the winners of the BB Hotel Task‌‌. The task, which has been going on for the past two days, involved a horrific fight between hotel staff and guests. This task which is supposed to be fun has become a serious physical task. However, the hotel team would have won if they had taken the five Stars from the guests.

Who are the winners of the Bibi Hotel task so far? Did the strategy work? Or screwed up ?? Let’s see who won this task and became the captain of Bigg Boss House in Thursday’s 33rd episode.

Harika Crying:
Although Harika was in the guest team, she played with Abhijeet. However, Abhi knocked her over and took the Stars out of her hands.

Abhijeet is annoying again
If it is written clearly to impress the guests in the hotel task and take the stars from them, Abhi put Harika in the basket and got five stars. He argued that there is no need to put them willingly. Sujata also supported Abhi, Sujata said that we don’t need to give it to Harika who is in the guest team.

When Bigg Boss asked how many stars the hotel team got through the guest team, Abhijit replied that it was five stars. However, the guest team argued that we did not give Hotel team those stars,

However, Bigg Boss gave a jalak to the hotel team. When the guest team was asked to tell how many stars they gave to the hotel team, Harika said that she gave only one star. However, Abhijeet argued that Harika had given five stars without force. Harika in the end has give five stars to the hotel team.

However, when Bigg Boss asked Abhijeet how many stars the guest team had given him, he said fir stars. With this, Bigg Boss applauded Abhijeet. The guest team gave the same thing willingly. Bigg Boss announced the guest team as the winner in this BB Hotel task as they could not get Five Stars.

Until then, Harika Abhijit had argued about the five stars. When Bigg Boss announced the winner, they went back to normal. Abhijeet went and hugged Harika tightly and congratulated each other for playing well. Until then, Abhi played a trick at Harika and took five star. However, Abhi kept Harika in his cog for a long time, Harika also closed her eyes and enjoyed his warm hug alone. The audience along with the members of the house were shocked to see their acrobatics.

Their romance was always there but if that thing is put aside, Bigg Boss asked who is the best performer in the team as the guest team is the winner in the hotel task. Harika, who gave the stars Abhijeet and put the game at risk, is also coming forward as the best. However, when Sohel, Mehboob and Ariyana were told that they had performed well, Kumar Sai, who was the captain of the house, went and asked Gangavva who among you was the best performer. Sohel objected to this.

Sohel objected that there is no rule for Gangavva to say everything, there is no need to take her decision as judgment. However, along with Gangavva, Ariyana also supported Mehboob in the guest team.

However, Sohel asked Abhijeet if he supported you in the Coins task. Mehboob was asked if he would give me a chance to decide if he would value friendship. When Harika came in the middle and said that she also played super, Ariyana also said that she would also be the best performer if no one fell. However, after lengthy discussions, Sohel’s name was finalised.

This made Sohail the first captain to become the best performer. Akhil became the second contestant as he had more money than anyone else. Avinash became the third captaincy contender to successfully complete the secret task. Avinash Secret

When Bigg Boss asked who was the worst performer, Rajasekhar Master raised his hands saying that he is the worst performer of the task. Bigg Boss sentenced him to cut onions and put them in the storeroom.

Captain competitors Akhil, Sohel and Avinash were given the task of ‘good fire endurance in the middle’. Big Boss gave the task to the winners whoever stays with ice bowls in their hands and ice cubes in their hands for a long time.

The flame below, The captain put ice on top and gave the contestants a hard task. Abhijeet was appointed as the moderator for this task. While Akhil, Avinash and Sohel competed in this task, Akhil dropped in the middle on the most difficult. Avinash-Sohel, however, fought for a long time. Sohel won the fight. Sohail became the captain of the house for the sixth week. Sohel is now safe from nomination in week 6.

Whom do you think will get eliminated in 5th week.

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