Who is Manisha Valmiki and why #RIPManishaValmiki trending on social media?

Manisha Valmiki

Manisha Valmiki is a Dalit girl who was brutally gangraped and she died today 29th September 2020. The case of Manisha Valmiki is not covered by media and netizens are angry and tweeting about her. Manisha Valmiki is from a Dalit Valmikin community and she was tortured with her tongue cut and spine broken. Manisha Valmiki was raped and tortured, she succumbed to injuries and died today.

Manisha Valmiki is a 19-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly gangraped by four upper caste men in UP’s Hathras who also tried to strangulate her which left her fighting for her life in the intensive care unit (ICU) for days. Manisha Valmiki was in the ICU, gave her statement to police on Tuesday and said she was raped by four upper caste men on 14th September when she had gone to collect fodder for animals.

#RipManishaValmiki and #JusticeforManishaValmiki are trending on social media. Here are some of the tweets about her death:

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  • Very Sad News… #JusticeForManisha

    Perhaps now the government should ensure even more stringent and dangerous punishment for the safety of womens.

  • a dalit girl was raped strictly… is it not enough for the punishment of that rapist?….i want to know that still we want a proof from her parents to punish that criminals?…..what the police $media doing for her?…her tounge was cuted her spine was tottaly damaged still everyone wants a proof…………RIP

    • @Nancy yes our blood boils but India has a judiciary system and let’s hope they do their job without fail in this issue.

    • @Manu practically not possible, already Nirbhaya convicts hanged still it has not worked. People should be educated from grass root level

  • Jab Reservation ki baat aati hai toh sab ko problem hoti hai ki in lower caste ko reservation kyu diya hai iske against protest karte hai or ab in logo ki awaz nahi niklegi.

  • Sir ese darindo ko pllz pashi ho or sir police valo par bhi carvhai honi chahiye ku ki raat ko iantim sankaar nahi kiya jata police valo ne itni jaldi ku ki he subhy bhi iantim sankaar kar sakte the iske pichhe lagta hy ki bade mantri ya kishi adikaari ka haat hy

  • Sir..donate their eyes to blind girls and a kidney to needed. Let them live blind with single kidney.. No man will serve them 24×7 for years together. They don’t deserve to see the beauty of earth.

  • When comes to reasons for increased molestation, many foolish people say that’s the mistake of girls who expose themselves. What happened to manisha then?? She dressed. Properly, covered her entire body, but still died after a brutal torture. Each and every time a new news comes we all think for the justice. Anything we do will not return the girl back. In a day light, in the middle of the road, without the fear of being caught, they took her. Rip the systems . They still want the proofs. ?

    • @Neela if someone says it’s girl’s responsibility then they are not raised well. It’s their choice and everyone can dress however they want to dress. No judegements whatsoever, S**t shaming a girl seems to be the trend and I hope this generation realises what that can lead to and start changing.

  • This is a very sad news for all.. Me being an EX- Mahilla block president at Udaynagar,Bangalore, request PM Sri NARENDRA MODIJI to give these rapists a death statement.. We can’t tolerate such crucial behaviour happening..It is such a shame for all of them…


  • up govt. was silently sitting on the chairs with cup of teas and coffees while manisha was fighting with her lyf….up is becoming hell for the girls day by day..SAD FOR MANISHA…#justice for manisha