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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 voting poll results shows Sujatha might get eliminated in 5th week

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 Sujatha eliminated

Bigg Boss Season 4 Fifth Elimination nomination process went well. Accusations and criticisms were heaped on each other. Nine people were nominated for elimination along with a mountain of clashes and insults. Akhil, Abhijit, Noel, Sohail, Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha and Ariana were nominated. Which of these nine is going to be eliminated? Who is Safe, who is in danger?

The poll was conducted in Telugu for the fifth week in a row like every other week. Publicist Recorder tried to catch the voter’s nerve by asking the question ‘Who do you think will be eliminated in the fifth week of Bigg Boss 4?’ However, there was an unexpected response to this poll. This week has given a clearer result than even the last three weeks.

Jordar Sujatha is sure to be eliminated with half the votes cast for her. 44% voted that Sujatha would be eliminated.

The first three weeks did not go well, Sujatha who was like Narayana with four. After the coin task the whole attitude changed. Especially her smirk became a curse to her. Deliberately laughing for no reason makes the audience squeal. Moreover, calling Nagarjuna Bittu Bittu also seems exaggerated. Nagarjuna’s fans could not bear to be called Bittu Bittu as she had grown up with Nagarjuna since she was a child. Also the camera comes forward and talks over and over again, Nominating with silly reasons.

Is it necessary for her in Bigg Boss House to be serious even if it is a fun joke? They did. With this, even though Sujatha was not in the nomination within four weeks, many people commented that they could not tolerate bringing Sujatha into the nomination. With Tira coming into the nomination for the fifth week, Sujatha’s elimination has become a thing of the past. In terms of voting, Sujatha should be eliminated one hundred percent. But if Bigg Boss plans any new content from her, it should come as no surprise that she will be eliminated.

After Sujatha, the highest risk is for Amma Rajasekhar. Rajasekhar Master, who was well entertained in the first two weeks, became Chadila Master in Bigg Boss House. It’s annoying to be told here and there. In Coin Task‌ the real appearance of the master is revealed. That task was minuscule for the master.

He is willing to do anything to become a captain and fight with anyone. They are burning with selfish thinking. With the exception of Divi, no one is able to meet the master at large. Rajasekhar Master was also the worst performer in the hotel task.

All this turned out to be a minus for him. However, Divi Fans supports Rajasekhar Master. Tamil votes are also a plus for him. Also Rajasekhar Master is better compared to Sujata. If Rajasekhar Master is saved in single elimination. If there is double elimination Rajasekhar Master along with Sujata may be eliminated.

When it comes to Monal, Bigg Boss is highlighting her with an affair issue. Giving more screen space and leading the triangle track with English sin. The rating with her is well beaten. Eliminating the monolith in such a case is an impossible task. So far it has become a big secret who is voting for her. So even if it is in Monal nomination she will not be eliminated now.

After that when it comes to Ariyana Glory she has built fans with her style of play, it will get better and better. Devi fans who have been eliminated are also supporting Ariana and she seems to be in the safe zone.

Of the rest, Abhijeet, Noel and Lasya are not in the nomination. Because they have a huge fan base. Votes are falling for those who set up their own PR teams. Abhijeet’s PR team, however, is very active.

Although Abhi’s performance is not amazing Abhijit is ahead of everyone in voting. Abhiki is getting more screen space due to affair with girls and clash with Akhil. The screen space in the Bigg Boss house is calculated to be eliminated. That’s okay with anyone.

And when it comes to Akhil and Sohel, his anger towards Sohael is a minus. Sohel gets more screen space as he gets into fights over everything. On top of the coin task, Sohail was highlighted in hotel tasks and became the captain of the house. There are no instances where the person who is the captain is eliminated even in the nomination.

As for Akhil, his main strength is Gangavva. With this, Gangavva fans are also supporting Akhil. Moreover, as long as he is in the House, there will be a love angle with Monal and hence he is saved from elimination.

Sujatha seems to be the one to get eliminated out of the nine nominees for the fifth week. However, Rajasekhar might be eliminated if there is a double elimination. The rest are Akhil, Abhijeet, Noel, Sohail, Monal, Lasya and Ariana are safe.

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