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Gangavva’s fans are voting for Akhil Sarthak in 5th week elimination, here are the details

Bigg Boss Telugu Gangavva fans support Akhil

Gangavva’s aura continues in the Bigg Boss house. The Bigg Boss team treats her specially, even though she entered as a contestant. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however. Even though Gangavva has not participated in any physical task still she has a huge fan following outside the house.

The fact of the matter is that the 63-year-old Gangavva’s fight with the young men and women of the Bigg Boss house is an interesting development. Sympathy votes for Gangavva in this game, however, were fierce. When she was nominated in the first and second week of Bigg Boss, half the votes went for her.

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But aside from Surya Kiran in the first week, Karate Kalyani in the second week and Devi Nagavalli in the third week gave a good performance and eliminated them even though they entertained. However, treating Gangava, who did not participate in the actual tasks in this case, as a special treatment.

Some people are arguing that it is bad to come to the rescue of Gangavva by making sacrifices without playing the game unless the game is played like a game. Now some people in Bigg Boss house are playing for Gangavva without playing their game. In this endeavor the original Gangavva game is being stopped.

Akhil was at the top of this list. Akhil is getting sympathy by showing his love for Gangavva. Along with him, Noel, Lasya and Sujatha are seen showing great love.

With Akhil in the nomination for the fifth week, Gangavva fans are rooting for him. All Gangava fans are voting for Akhil. Although there are 9 candidates in the nomination, most of the Gangavva fans are voting for Akhil. Gangavva fans are giving a hard look to Abhijeet, who looks overconfident as if he is the winner of Bigg Boss Season 4.

As part of the fifth week nominations, Gangavva nominated Noel along with Abhijeet. Gangava said that Abhijeet would not meet anyone inside the house except Monal and now Harika. he would be in his world and that is why she is nominating him.

However, Gangavva’s fans are campaigning not to vote for Abhijeet in the social media pages that support her. It is unknown at this time what she will do after leaving the house. There are 9 nominations and Akhil seems to be getting more votes than everyone else. From this it is clear that the Gangavva’s fanbase is strong.

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