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Mahira Sharma lashes out on Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia and supports Paras Chhabra

Pavitra Punia Paras Chhabra controversy

As soon as Bigg Boss 14 starts, the flood of controversies has also started. While the news of Sara Gurpal’s marriage started coming to the fore, the controversial Love life of Paras Chhabra and Pavitra Punia is also making headlines. There was a lot of news of the affair of Pavitra Punia with Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra. Pavitra Punia and Paras Chhabra had dated each other for a long time but after that their paths got separated. Now that Pavitra Punia has entered Bigg Boss 14, Paras Chhabra has started digging out their past. Recently, Paras Chhabra, in an interview accusing Pavitra Punia, gave shocking reasons for his breakup.

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In the interview, Paras Chhabra told that the breakup between him and Pavitra Punia happened because Pavitra cheated on him. Paras Chhabra had told that Pavitra hid from him that she was already married. Now his friend Mahira Sharma has also come down in support of Paras Chhabra against Pavitra Punia. Mahira Sharma has recently revealed private things about the past of Holy Punia through an interview.

Mahira Sharma has said, ‘I have always stood by the truth. I would also support her as a friend, but she chose the path of wrong and falsehood. I do not understand why girls are using paras for fame? I knew at the time of Naagin 3 that she was married and at that time she was dating another man besides Paras. She was in three relationships together and now she blames Paras. Just because you are a woman, does not mean that you will play the Victim Card. Stop blaming Paras for your mistakes. If I get a chance, I will go to Bigg Boss 14 and remove the mask from her face. I will bring the truth to everyone. As a woman I understand the sincerity of Paras. Women cannot always cry. ‘

Not only this, Mahira Sharma next said, “Stop behaving like an innocent woman because you are not.” To date two men together and marry one, you yourself are blaming three timings (three were in relationships) and Paras. Wow. Your second name is scam and the dispute is your 24/7 mood. This is your personality. If I go to Bigg Boss then I definitely want the whole world to know the truth. ‘

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