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Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online 5th Week nominations: 9 contestants nominated for elimination vote

Bigg Boss Telugu 5th Week Voting Online

With hot discussions going on among the members of the house during the 4th week, keeping all these in mind, they will come out during the nominations and be nominated. The 30th episode of Monday started with the interest of who will be nominated in the fifth week.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Nomination process for week 5 Elimination

  • Akhil nominated Abhijeeth and Master Rajashekar
  • Ariyana Glory nominated Master Rajashekar and Akhil
  • Lasya nominated Divi and Noel
  • Avinash nominated Akhil and Monal
  • Sujatha nominated Akhil and Ariyana Glory
  • Kumar Sai nominated Sohel and Noel
  • Sohel nominated Abhijeet and Noel
  • Mehboob nominated Sujatha and Lasya
  • Gangavva nominated Noel and Abhijeet
  • Rajashekar Master nominated Akhil and Ariyana
  • Monal nominated Avinash and Harika
  • Harika nominated Akhil and Monal
  • Abhijeet nominated Akhil and Sohel

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Bigg Boss started the nomination process with Akhil without further delay. Bigg Boss asked each member of the household to nominate two and apply foam on their face, as well as the reasons why they are being nominated.

With this, as everyone expected, Akhil applied the foam on Abhi’s face said the reason for nominating. Akhil said that he took his permission to say Orei but he said “I was hurt because he did not give clarification even in the matter of age and education and there is no need for qualification here. There was a quarrel between the two over this. I did not say ‘Orey’ .. I only said ‘Orey’ and Akhil said that it will also take your permission .. I do not like ‘Nuv Orey’.

Akhil then nominated Rajasekhar Master as the second person as the two had to be nominated. Akhil clarified that he does not like losing in the ‘master game’ but if he does it right, everyone else says it is wrong so he does not like it.

Ariana Glory nominated Rajasekhar Master and Akhil. Akhil thought selfishly about the luxury budget and said that he was nominated as he did not like shopping for the ones he wanted and not for the rest of them.

Ariana says she is being nominated for the reason that the master says she is being ridiculed and not working. The master swayed angrily.

Lasya nominated Divi and told her not to come to wash the dishes in the kitchen team. Lasya also said that she was nominated because she was not neat while cooking. Lasya said that Noel was nominated because he was hurt by Nagarjuna’s earlier claim that he was a fake.

Avinash nominated Akhil, Avinash said that he was nominated because some people do not like shopping only in terms of luxury budget. Monal was nominated as the second person. He said that he did not like the idea that I was playing the safe game in the hit man game.

Nominating Sujatha Akhil .. showed due to the luxury budget issue. She accused him of shopping with a luxury budget only for those he wanted. Nominating Ariana as the second person .. said Silly Reason.

Kumar Sai nominated Noel and said that he did not like the fact that the first nominee was repeating the same reason over and over again. Nominating Sujata as the second person .. she said that she will depend on one and play .. that she is not playing the game on her own .. they feel selfish in the case of those they like

Sohel nominated Abhijit and said that he did not like your behavior in the case of washroom cleaning. Sohel said he thought he would support Coin’s task by nominating Noel as the second person, but he was the one who caused the controversy.

Sohail nominated Abhijit and said that he did not like your behavior in the case of washroom cleaning. Sohail said he thought he would support Coin’s task by nominating Noel as the second person, but he was the one who caused the controversy.

Mehboob .. nominated Sujata and said that he himself had resigned from the Captain Task‌ and was nominated for it. Mehboob nominated Lasya as the second person.

Gangava .. nominates Noel and says that he seems to be having trouble saying that there are health issues. Gangava nominated Abhijit as the second person. He said he was nominated because he did not speak properly to anyone.

Rajasekhar Master .. Nominated by Akhil, Ariana. Lacy says Ariana is not doing it in the kitchen as hard as she could.

And Akhil .. I don’t know if he was angry that Abhijit was nominated but .. she went into a war of words with him nominating Akhil. Nominating Akhil and talking to him now about what was good with him in the beginning means coming across a person (Monal) and talking to him. Harika said that she did not like his attitude and behavior and that is why she was nominated because she did not like his expressions.

Nominating Monal as the second person, Harika said that he always tells me about his feelings and does not understand the other people.

Divi .. nominating Lasya and saying that everyone is getting motions due to her pappu .. Divi said that she is nominating because she does not listen to what is said. I do not agree if the motions are due to pappu .. Oo said angrily

Gipoyindi lasya. Divi nominated Sohail as the second person. Divi said that he was nominated because he was hurt by the coin task and he could not forget how much he was hurt by him.

Monal .. nominating Harika .. will talk to Abhi if there is an issue with Abhi .. Monal said that she did not like Harika getting involved in that matter. I’m not perfect .. I have mistakes .. but I will try to correct them ‘said Monal. Nominated Avinash as the second person. Monal says that in some cases she did not like the idea that what she was doing was comedy.

Abhijit .. nominated Sohail. Nominating Akhil as the second person. I knew you would be confused .. but I didn’t think green lies would play. I do not like shopping only for some people in terms of luxury budget .. I do not like your attitude either. No one is afraid when the eyes do this. While Abhi was saying that there will be limits to anything .. Akhil got excited. Talking about a girl, she says I ‘m lucky and everyone is talking badly about Sujatha. This is how the National Channel goes out of its way to say this about a girl. The quarrel between the two escalated and escalated. The wave of accusations increased as the hurricane matter also came out in the middle.

However, Monal repeatedly brought up the issue and as Akhil-Akhil prepared to fight, Monal burst into tears. I like you saying that both of you like it .. someone likes it .. you have to take care of yourself .. but my character on the national channel is bad .. everything that should not be played with lives will be telecast .. do not play games with my character .. who are you to judge my character ?? Monal screamed loudly and his heart sank.

Finally Noel .. nominated and advised the members of the house .. Sohail said that even if he was nominated he would not be nominated .. Nomination should be the point .. There should be the right point to leave the house. Noel nominated Rajasekhar Master and gave him a twist. Noel said that Swati, who was eliminated, was apparently nominated because a plant had gone undeveloped because of him. However, Noel said that it was wrong for him to talk about Swati. And Noel, who was hurt by Sohail raising the point as to why you are talking about Swati now, nominated Sohail again.

With this, Akhil, Noel, Abhijit, Sohail, Rajasekhar, Monal, Lasya, Sujatha and Ariana stood in the nominations on the fifth day. Overall the fifth week nomination process went hot.

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