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Bigg Boss 14 Sara Gurpal’s husband Tushar Kumar comments on comparing Sara Gurpal to Shehnaaz Gill

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Ever since Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal has stepped into the house of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, she has been compared to ‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant Shehnaaz Gill. Shahnaaz Gill gained a lot of popularity in the last season and the audience gave her openly love. She was a resident of Punjab and Sara Gurpal also belongs to Punjab. So everyone is watching this season’s Shehnaaz Gill in Sara Gurpal.

Sara Gurpal’s husband Tushar Kumar spoke openly on this comparison between Sara and Shehnaaz with a famous entertainment portal and said that it is one thing to compare but every contestant has their own luck.

According to Tushar Kumar, ‘Shehnaaz Gill won the hearts of many viewers. Her performance was excellent, which is without doubt. Although I believe that every contestant has their own luck. Shehnaaz could not win Bigg Boss 13 but Sara Gurpal can do so. The way she presents herself on the show will depend on her journey.

As soon as Sara Gurpal’s entry in Bigg Boss 14, her wedding news is becoming viral in the media. Tushar has told the famous entertainment portal about this, ‘I have become upset with these questions. I want people to ask such questions to Sarah now. She hides the point of our marriage. I have never denied these news. Sara is inside Bigg Boss house at the moment, but when he comes out, the media asks him to answer these questions.

When Tushar was about about his viral marriage certificate, he said, “Yes, this is my and Sara’s marriage certificate.” I married Sara but now we are not together. We had considered each other as husband and wife in Jalandhar, Punjab. ‘

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