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Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination 4th Week: Double Elimination confirmed, Swathi eliminated who will be the other one?

Bigg Boss Telugu 4th Week Double Elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 will be having its first ever double elimination tonight 4th October 2020. Bigg Boss competitors are trying very hard to stay in the game competing with IPL, they have introduced some of the best tasks from other versions of Bigg Boss like BB Kannada and Hindi. Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is in 4th week now and in yesterday’s episode Swathi h was eliminated with a direct elimination.

When fans thought that there wont be anymore elimination Nagarjuna teased them that there will be double elimination this weekend. Who will be the other elimination this weekend we will have to wait and watch. Our guesses are the Mehboob will be the second elimination in this week.

Who was eliminated in Bigg Boss Telugu week 4?

Swathi Deekshith was eliminated on fourth week of Bigg Boss season 4.

Who will be the second elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Week 4

Mehboob with least number of votes will be the second person who will get eliminated during this weekend.

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