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Motorola is eying to release its foldable RAZR flip phone by the end of this year

Motorola is on track to launch its first foldable smartphones by the end of this year as per the latest reports. Albeit the time when bigwigs like Samsung and Huawei launched their foldable smartphones and delayed sales & production after discovering too many flaws with it, Motorola wants to revive its iconic RAZR flip phone series by garnishing the feature of an internal foldable display and has projected a date to reveal by the end of this year with just three months to spare.

Although it has been a few months since renders for Motorola’s foldable RAZR flip phone was leaked. The Lenovo-owned company reportedly planned a February release which didn’t materialize which isn’t surprising since Samsung had to delay the sales for its Samsung Galaxy Fold for almost more than six months after it was slated to go on sale in May while didn’t go through until September 6 when it was relaunched in South Korea with a few European countries joining on September 18 and so on while Huawei’s Mate X is slated to release in November this year.

Talking about Motorola RAZR flip phone, it will have an internal bendable display that will extend from both top and bottom halves with a tiny secondary screen on the rear panel when folded. Reports suggests that the secondary display will have ‘Always On Display’ feature and will show a bit of information such as notifications, clocks, etc but it won’t be much of use since it won’t allow users to use any apps or interact with the phone much unlike Samsung and Huawei’s foldable phones that have fully functional secondary displays.

On the other hand, the bendable display will showcase quick apps including all Moto apps and will allow users to try a new technology i.e. foldable display and that too squeezed in a nostalgic flip phone form factor which makes RAZR a perfect candidate. Motorola has its own history of many world’s first which means this could eventually work out and will be priced at $1,500 which might sound a lot expensive (which it is) but foldable displays are expensive and still in its nascent stage so that makes sense.

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