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Google to roll out ‘Password Checkup’ feature that’ll be built-in to Chrome

Passwords are hashed using various ciphers and that helps us gain access to our dozens of social networking sites and other websites. But most of the people use common or not-so-safe passwords which makes it simpler for hackers and those who intend to hack or attack your account on any website. Thus, Google has introduced a Password Checkup extension for Chrome that enables checking out more details about compromised, common and other passwords that you use.

According to USA Today, the extension was available since February this year and has been extended further with Google Account’ Password & Security where users can access it to find all the relevant information about it. Per a poll by Harris Pool and Google, three out of every four Americans get frustrated trying to remember and keep track of their passwords since there are many websites they visit regularly. Americans use lax passwords such as “iloveyou”, “Password”, “abc123”. As per a common rule, a strong password which is a bit complicated to crack although not impossible is to create a password comprising of both upper and lower case alphabets paired along with numbers and special characters although keeping track of it might be a tad bit difficult.

Google’s Password Checkup allows users to check out passwords paired along with websites categorizing it as compromised, reused, and accounts with weak passwords among other characters. Furthermore, it segregates each website and classifies it with their respective passwords allowing users an in-depth view on which websites are using the same and weak passwords.

Google is also working on bringing the same feature as a built-in feature on Google Chrome browser allowing users to check out passwords they enter if they were ever part of any data breach as well as it will warn then if the password is weak or easy to gauge.

Google was recently under the radar after reports starting mushrooming on the internet about its Google Assistant recording audio of its users and sending it for the human grading process along with Amazon and Apple although the search engine giant has suspended the process for now while Apple has ended its grading process as well.

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