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Instagram is testing a new ‘Group Story’ feature after Facebook ditches it

After adding and removing it from Facebook, the social media juggernaut is planting the seeds to its Instagram app. I am talking about a new Group Story feature that was removed from Facebook last month as it didn’t find many takers while Instagram makes a perfect platform for this feature which might be the reason why Facebook is testing out the feature on Instagram.

Spotted by Jane Manchun Wong who has a reputation for spotting many unreleased and features under the testing phase and this is one of them. To simplify it, the feature is just ‘Share to Group Story’ which creates a different layer of Stories on top of Public Story and it is not accessible to all.

If you are an Instagram user, there is a feature called Share it to ‘Close Friends’ where the user selects a few of the friends once. When uploading a story, he/she can simply tap on Share it to Close Friends and the Story will be available for those groups of friends only and not publicly.

Adding onto it, Instagram is testing out a Group Story feature where users can create groups based on interests and others. For instance, if you are a group of friends attending a wedding of a close friend and want to share a Story but not publicly. Simply Share it to Group Story and the Stories will be available for only those whom you manually add into the list. On the other hand, no other users will be able to see since there won’t be a pop-up unless there’s a Public Story.

The feature was removed from Facebook after it failed to interest people who already have a Stories feature which according to me isn’t that interesting. On the other hand, Instagram is a photo-sharing site and its Stories feature are used by millions every day which makes it a better avenue for users to share their views via Stories and with filters on it like share it only to Group or Close Friends, Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking site with a billion+ users worldwide.

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